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puffco proxy reviewed

The puffco proxy has finally released a portable device worthy of a hardcore dabber!

I consider myself a top tier smoker. 2g blunts plus dabs is how i live. anything that's dabbed I need a blowtorch and glass or its just not hot enough!

As we all know the puffco peak pro is probably the best electric device on the market for concentrates. With a price tag of £420 it needs to be 😢

Especially with the release of the 3d chamber upgrade, only a blowtorch and glass can compete for high temp dabs.

The puffco pen is made for travel but as a hot dabber and many many peoiple agree, its just not providing that high that we love. it scratches an itch while out and about but that's it. 

While the peak is arguably small enough for travel, it still not convenient for travel as water is needed. and it would raise questions should you need to travel past customs. 

The proxy by puffco solves all these issues!

This has new tech based on the power of the 3d chamber! But this is a DRY TOP so does not require water. reviews claim that dry tops do not lose terpenes through the water filtration process.....and I agree. 

Its not a huge difference in terps but I do feel they are preserved a little better as I toke on my high end extracts (usually a fruity number👌)

The size and shape of the pipe is great! its defo portable. comes in a perfect sized case to carry everything. including space for a  cppl extract pots 😁😉

The main chamber and glass pipe separate. if you were to travel past customs with these 2 parts packaged apart no one would have a clue what its for!


This has 4 modes (plus a secret easter egg mode so 5 really)

green, blue, red, and white. 

in other words.....boring, boring, ok and decent!

The Easter egg mode is the multi colour secret mode and has a great high temp hit! 


Click once to chose colour(mode), double click to start chosen mode, after initial heat up it will vibrate. 

Now is when to take a long slow inhale. the next vibrate says its stopped heating. this is classed as one turn. on full charge the device does about 15 turns on white mode. 

My routine so far.... I dollop a lump of oil in the chamber, have a blast on red mode, then with same dollop I have a blast on the secret mode. 

Then I clean it up with GLOB MOPS (BUY HERE!) ready for next use. 


All in all, best portable device iv ever seen. I'm very glad a took one for myself!