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Santa Cruz Shredders, are they really the best?

Are Santa Cruz Shredders the best grinders around?


Yes. 💯


First of all Santa Cruz is a very well established Californian brand making surfboards and mountain bikes of extremely well thought out quality. So its no surprises they make stoner accessories, in particular grinders! And they have very much made these to the highest quality like their brand always does. 


They really seem to have thought of everything when constructing this grinder. 

Their biggest boast is how it doesn't grind but shred (as the name suggests) the herb leaving a more fluffy texture resulting in a better and more flavoursome burn. They achieved this by using high quality engineering software to create the perfect teeth structure for grinding the herbs. 

something less mentioned but in all honestly more important to me is the fact that the metal and paint used is of great standard and Santa Cruz Shredder swear that there is no flaking of paint or metal after years of use. You might as well buy a plastic grinder if bits breaking off into your grind is your thing. The paint is also scratch resistant so these forgive the clumsy stoner accidents that happen. 


The threading and the grip design means these grinders are far less likely to get in them states where brute force is required to grind a mere dried gram!

 One of the most noticeable factors about a Santa Cruz Shredder is how strong the magnet is and how high quality the metal feels. Iv sold hundreds of these now and iv yet to meet a customer who wasn't happy with their purchase, even years after use. 

Iv seen grinders in the similar price range and not be half the quality. I would always play it safe and stick with a Santa Cruz Shredder