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Rasta rhino - Casper edition

Rasta rhino - Casper edition

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This is a tribute to a dear friend of the rhino brand. 

Not sure how to do it justice, we asked Manchester designer/artist AMY MAC to jump in. 

Casper was a member of a cannabis group that we had also been affiliated with, not only that he was an organiser at a music festival that Ruff Trade played at and Casper made sure we was able to take part and set up a stall at the music festival. 

His favourite t-shirt of ours was our RASTA RHINO due to the vibrant colours as Caspers health and in particular his eyesight deteriorated he took a liking to t-shirts with neon and glow in the dark colours. Amy mac has a talent with such designs and this is her take on our rasta rhino logo design. 

small logo on front, large logo on back, 

neon rasta colours used. 

Rest in power dear friend and thank you for always having confidence in our brand. 



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